3 generations of

Goodfolks is a family business based in San Antonio, Texas.

The same city where I grew up, where my father grew up, and where my grandmother still resides today. My family is full of entrepreneurs, so it’s no surprise those seeds directly led me to where I am.

Over a decade ago my father created one of our core businesses called Push Promotional.

A couple years later after graduating University, I created my first company called Sparq Communications. We both navigated different paths over the years, but one thing remained the same - the commitment to serving small and local businesses. It was only a matter of time before our two complimentary service offerings would be merged under one larger, but still family owned company; Goodfolks.

We understand the sacrifices it takes to build a business, and we’d be honored for the opportunity to earn yours.

Our core values


We will never overcharge you for something we know darn well you shouldn’t be paying for. We use a fair pricing model. We aren’t the cheapest, but we always provide more bang for your buck at the highest quality available.


We will always do what we said when we said we’d do it. Our entire reputation is built on integrity and old school honor. Our name and reputation is everything to us. Lose that and we have nothing. If we said it, it’s as good as done. Period.


Without trust we can’t do business long term. We’ll tell you like it is, shoot you straight and make sure you’re always buying what you need. Over time you’ll come to learn that we deliver every time.

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